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Vision Statement

PrinicpalAt Sydney Girls High School our moral purpose is to provide all students with the opportunities to achieve personal bests in each of the domains, intellectual, creative, sporting and social. The school community is committed to the pursuit of excellence by raising the achievements of all of our students.

The school educates socially responsible young women, who through their student voice and leadership are encouraged to make a difference and to care for and respect others. A culture of collaboration is fostered wherein all members of the school community strive in partnership to value our rich traditions while meeting future challenges in a global context.

Values Statement

We value and are committed to:

  1. engendering a lifelong love of learning and enquiry
  2. achieving excellence in academic pursuits
  3. participating fully in school life
  4. working collaboratively
  5. striving to achieve ‘personal bests’
  6. acting with integrity and compassion
  7. developing resilience and responsibility
  8. listening to the student voice
  9. developing leadership skills
  10. respecting others and celebrating differences
  11. caring for and supporting others
  12. being socially responsible and making a difference
  13. looking outwards and rising to challenges
  14. developing responsible global digital citizens