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Table Tennis

Table TennisFrom the little-known newest addition to the school’s wide range of co-curricular activities, table tennis has well and truly established itself as one of the best known and loved clubs. The enthusiasm of the new students, devotion of the seniors (many of whom come despite their hectic schedule of 4-unit maths, exams and the HSC) and commitment of our members is shown every Wednesday, when, rain or shine; we can be seen training hard with our renowned Australian coach, Peter Masen.

Our training conditions are tougher than others on the Cleveland Quad’s “flat” ground, our determination tested, our endurance pushed to the limit as we battle the occasional gusts of wind and run around repeatedly, searching for the elusive small white ball in the shrubbery. All this has combined to produce an army of super-girls, ready to rise to any challenge in the realm of table tennis. This is shown in the fantastic results we achieved at the NSW high School Table Tennis Championships in March this year.

The growth of the club can be seen in all aspects with the addition of new bats, balls, tables and the new and improved structure of our in-school competitions which were received with enthusiasm by all.

It won’t be long until the Sydney Girls High School Table Tennis club emerges as a superpower in the world of sport.