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Book Club

Book ClubBook Club enables students to blossom, expands their literary horizons and challenges girls to read books they wouldn’t necessarily choose for themselves.

The structure of Book Club may vary, with Year 11 students at times courageously volunteering to lead student-focused discussions. This has worked well and the group leaders have found the experience both challenging and rewarding. Junior students have also benefited and have warmly embraced the commitment of the discussion group leaders, girls who are willing and prepared to read books in what little spare time they have between the rigorous demands of senior study. Teachers have also volunteered their time to exchange ideas about some of their favourite books, revisiting loved and admired characters and introducing these to a new generation who embrace the characters like old friends.

The meetings, held fortnightly in the library during lunchtimes, are a great opportunity for students to exchange ideas with other students across classes and year groups. The Book Club always welcomes new members, who simply have to read the book and turn up to the meeting, ready to offer their insights and perspectives. Book suggestions are warmly invited and works discussed may also include some titles available as e-books. The group anticipates future challenges in a continued variety of reading choices.