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Bridge Club

BridgeBridge Club
Students from Year 7 to Year 12 meet once a week at lunch time for a social game of bridge.  Beginners are welcome and those students who would like to develop their skills further are encouraged to participate in the Youth Bridge competitions and other activities held at the NSW Bridge Association.

How did bridge start?
The early forerunner of bridge was called whist and this was very popular in the drawing rooms and card parties of 19th century England. Whist led to bridge and the first recorded bridge games occurred in England and America in the early 1890's.

What does bridge do for you?
It's great for your arithmetic and logical reasoning.
It develops your memory, judgement and concentration.
It improves your planning ability and ability to work co-operatively.
It is a social asset for life allowing you to make a wide variety of friends.
Best of all, it is great fun to play!