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Islamic Club

Islamic GroupOne of the main aims of the Islamic Society of Sydney Girls High School (ISSGHS) is to foster and promote an understanding of the Islamic faith amongst students and teachers within the school. This is achieved through student led group discussions, forums and presentations. The topics that are covered during the school year can include:

  1. Historical, cultural, and religious background and development of Islam
  2. Major themes in the Koran and sayings of the Prophet Muhammed and their historical and religious significance
  3. The  various Islamic traditions and the differences between them
  4. The major differences between Islam and other major religions
  5. How Islam has contributed to art, architecture, science and politics
  6. Famous Muslim women and their contributions to Islamic culture and society in general
  7. Current issues relating to Muslims in Australia and around the world, and
  8. Significance of Islamic festivals and Holy days.

In addition, during the two Islamic festivals in the year, the ISSGHS puts on a celebratory feast with traditional foods and sweets.

The ISSGHS meets fortnightly at lunch time and all students are welcomed.