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JAMJAM stands for Jesus And Me. They are a group of Sydney Girls High students that love Jesus and want to share Him with others. Their meetings are on during Thursday lunch time and are a great time to remind each other that Jesus is number one, learn more about God, welcome our friends to find out about Jesus, sing God's praises and generally encourage each other.

Members eat lunch together and play crazy games that Leah (one of the leaders) comes up with. Singing together to and about God invites Him to be a part of their meetings. Reading from the Word is a constant challenge, but they have great light bulb moments when things that have never made sense before suddenly click :). It's a great way to encourage girls at school to live for God all the time instead of just at church on Sundays, as well as give girls the opportunity to hear about God who might never get the chance otherwise.

The leaders at JAM are volunteers from the eastern suburbs who love Jesus, they organise the time together are always willing to answer any questions that come up.

Everyone is welcome to JAM! Please Join us on Thursday lunch times in HSIE 2. It's even included in your co-curricular activities.