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Student Exchange

Student ExchangeStudents are granted leave to go on exchange and study in another country usually during the final term of Year 10. There is a long tradition of students from Sydney Girls studying in China, France, Germany, Japan and Italy.

Passing a sojourn in a foreign land not only furthers someone’s linguistic competence but develops their maturity, resilience and their ability to solve problems. Students return from an exchange experience with excellent communication skills and a willingness to work and learn with others in any given situation. All of these values are valued highly and promoted at Sydney Girls High School

Macrobertson High, Melbourne Victoria

The MacRobertson Girls' High School is an established State Secondary School situated in a central city location adjacent to the Albert Park Lake; it offers outstanding facilities for the delivery of its programs and is attended by students from a wide area of metropolitan Melbourne and beyond. The selective nature of entry results in a broad socio-economic and cultural mix, and a strong commitment to academic excellence. Sydney Girls began its relationship with MacRobertson High in 2006 when members of the maths faculty visited SGHS on a fact finding visit. The Principal visited Sydney Girls High in 2007 with a view to establishing a continuing relationship with Sydney Girls. In 2008 the deputies visited Sydney Girls with a view of collaborating on best practices for teaching gifted girls. There is now an annual exchange between Sydney Girls and MacRobertson High