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Student Leadership


Prefects are elected by students in Years 8 -12 and by staff.  Twenty one students [instead of the customary eighteen] were elected to be the Prefects for 2013, in recognition of the larger than usual cohort in this Year 12.

The Prefects for 2014 are as follows:

School Captain: Charmaine D'Souza
Vice Captain: Stephanie Centorame         
Senior Prefect: Catherine Vye
Sports Prefect: Jane Tait
SRC Prefect: Ann Tran
Community Service Prefect: Karu Paskaran
Well Being Prefect: Siobhan O'Brien
Co-Curricular Prefect: Lorna Huang
Creative and Performing Arts Prefect: Georgia Wilkinson
Public Relations Prefect: Alisa Zheng
Year 11 Prefect: Ivy Xu
Year 10 Prefects: Karen Du, Melissa Fung
Year 9 Prefects: Veronica Pham, Angela Prendergast
Year 8 Prefects: Ji Yoon Chung, Eugenie Song
Year 7 Prefects: Theodora Von Arnim, Rachel Bayliss, Rebecca Kriesler, Vicki Zhong

Prefects undergo leadership training and get to display leadership by