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Student Welfare

According to the Gagne model of giftedness, such students will function best only when all parts of their lives are in harmony – including the social and emotional domains. Each Year group at SGHS has a Year Adviser appointed from the teaching staff who looks after the interests of the girls from Year 7 and remains with them as their primary reference person throughout their time at the school.  The Welfare team consists of the Head Teacher, Wellbeing; the Year Advisers;  and the two school counsellors.  Matters concerning the wellbeing, comfort, involvement and happiness of each student at school are referred to the Year Adviser by parents, students or staff. The YA may then refer the matter to the Head Teacher for discussion and interview.  The school counsellors are a great resource, offering specialist advice to students and parents,  including study skills, settling in, friendships, conflict and more.  Parents are welcome to contact the Head Teacher, Wellbeing and the Year Advisers at any time by phone or to make an appointment.