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Work Experience

Work ExperienceAll students in Year 10 are required to undertake Work Experience during a specified week in November.  It is an opportunity for students to find out about the world of work, an activity that most of them will be engaged in for over 40 years.  Information about work experience week is provided by the Careers Adviser, who also is responsible for ensuring the students are made aware of their obligations, responsibilities and rights.  The Department of Education has strict regulations about activities which students  can undertake in safety, information about which will be provided by the Careers Adviser.

One of the primary objects of Work Experience is for students to develop the confidence to locate suitable work placements, to submit a CV [resume] and make an application in person, by phone or letter.  Parents are asked to be supportive but not to directly involve themselves in their daughter’s search for a workplace as this rather defeats one of the major purposes of Work Experience. Once in the workplace, it is anticipated that students will learn and refine their workplace skills, further enhancing their ability to communicate with their new colleagues and the public.

The best kind of placement is one that will enable the student to experience a variety of roles and activities, and to see  the responsibilities each entails. Students must be fully engaged in the workplace for 7-8 hours on each of the 5 days, during normal business hours.

Students are required to complete essential paperwork and to meet information deadlines as part of their undertaking for Work Experience Week, which will enable the Careers Adviser to validate the placement and to activate the insurance which the DET provides for students engaged in school-sanctioned activities.

For reasons of duty of care and the ability of staff from SGHS to supervise, students  are required to locate a placement that is within an hour’s travelling distance of home. If a rural placement is requested, it must be because the activity is unique to the area and is not available closer to home, and the approval of the Principal must be given in writing.