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TOMTeaching and Learning

Acceleration and Enrichment

AccelerationThe curriculum and the co-curricular programs at SGHS allow for acceleration and enrichment in the development of the gifted student.

Classroom teachers develop a curriculum environment in which highly gifted girls derive satisfaction from achievement on tasks that focus on their own individual development.

Faculties use a variety of strategies: compacting the curriculum where pre-testing to identify prior knowledge enables repetition of subject matter to be eradicated and students to become highly engaged in relevant, appropriate material; differentiating the curriculum to allow for the individual learning styles of students and the individual rate of progression; the acceleration of a topic or subject which may be studied at a much higher level than a student’s chronological age but which develops their potential and allows for extension and challenge and the encouragement to participate in subject based co-curricular activities and competitions.

There is a wide range of academic activities that students are encouraged to enter. These activities support the development of the individual and provide a forum for the recognition of their talents. The culture of SGHS supports and celebrates the success of students’ involvement in many fields of endeavour.