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campAll years 7-11 have an annual camp. These camps enrich the curriculum offered at SGHS and provide opportunities for the development of leadership skills and strengthen the unity of each year group.

Students begin Year 7 with an orientation camp at the Sydney Academy of Sport at Narrabeen where the strong bonding as a year group begins. In Year 8 students venture to Australia’s capital in Canberra with a Science based experience linked with the political history and culture the capital offers. Year 9  travel over the Blue Mountains to a camp which supports the HSIE curriculum experiencing the history and geography of our rural context. At Narrabeen again in Year 10 students are challenged with a variety of physical and sporting experiences to support their personal development offered by the PD/H/PE curriculum.

In Year 11 students have their final camp at the Collaroy Centre where preparation and commitment for the demanding HSC curriculum are enhanced through a study skills program and discussion on subject choices for Year 12. This camp provides a unique opportunity for the development of leadership skills, to enhance effective team skills and to consolidate the unity of the year group.