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Da Vinci Decathlon

Da VinciLeonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) was one of the world’s greatest thinkers and scholars. His career spanned an enormous range of disciplines: art, architecture, poetry, academics, anatomy,  hydrodynamics, mechanical and military engineering, mathematics, and astronomy. He demonstrated a superior ability to perceive the interconnected nature of knowledge and embraced learning with a lifelong passion and determination to uncover what was hitherto unknown by his society. His bold and imaginative intellectual legacy is a permanent challenge for the leaders and thinkers of the twenty-first century.

The Da Vinci Decathlon is an academic interschool Gala Day in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon.  Students are required to complete a series of challenging tasks of an academic nature in a timeframe working in teams of eight.

Students participate in activities in the following disciplines: Mathematics, English, Science, Code Breaking, Engineering Challenge, Forensic Sleuths, Creative Producers, Art and Poetry, Games of Strategy and General Knowledge.

The tasks are exciting and challenging with a particular emphasis on higher order thinking skills. This type of enrichment is vital to the learning of the gifted and talented and the day offers students an excellent opportunity to test their capacity to critically think, make quick accurate judgements to problem solve and to respect the intellect of others through working successfully in teams. SGHS enters teams in Years 7-10 and students have a history of outstanding success overall and in all categories.