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BasketballSydney Girls High has a well-established and thriving Basketball club. The co-curricular program has over 100 students playing on Friday nights at Alexandria in the City of Sydney Basketball Association. There are 3 competitions running between February and December. Students are able to play in all 3 competitions or nominate for a specific competition.

There are many positives associated with team sports including the development of technical movement skills and tactical play; increased fitness levels, confidence and coordination; but most importantly it is a great way to have fun and relieve stress.

Playing a team sport gives students an opportunity to establish new friendships and strengthen existing connections across the student body. Team work and the mentoring of younger players are an important focus of SGHS Basketball.

Everyone is welcome to join, indeed most of our players are new to basketball. All teams receive support from accredited coaches.

For more information:

Please contact the SGHS Basketball Coordinator – Ms Michelle Howes –

City of Sydney Basketball Association website: