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DanceSGHS has an established co-curricular dance program based on the NESA 7-10 Dance Syllabus, with the emphasis on the Performance Elements.

Our program has been developed so it can provide educational opportunities when learning about dance as an art form.  “ In the study of dance as an art form, students develop knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes, ‘through’ and  ‘about’ the interrelated experiences of performing, composing and appreciating their own dances, the dances of others and dances as works of art in the public domain”
(BOS 7.2 content and overview).

The program is also inclusive of the key learning areas being:

As our program is reflective of the syllabus outcomes, this enables SGHS to have the opportunity to be representative in the audition process for the Sydney Region Dance Festival which is held every year in June at the Seymour Centre. Other performance opportunities and enrichment activities include informal classroom presentations, student choreographed works for CAPA lunchtime performances, Open Night and the Musicale.  

DanceThe students are also exposed to various experts in the dance field who offer quality dance tuition whereby the students can aspire to worthwhile levels of excellence. 
There are also mentorship opportunities for senior students whereby they are able to provide guidance and leadership for juniors.

‘Dancing teaches you a sense of accomplishment. The discipline of dance teaches you self-discipline.  You know you can achieve what you set out to do, not just with dance but anything you choose.’