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DramaDrama is an art form that explores the world through enactment. It is a collaborative art form that involves the creative interaction of individuals using a range of artistic skills.
Drama is an important means of understanding, constructing, appreciating and communicating social and cultural values; exploring, celebrating and challenging the present and imagining the future.
The study of Drama will develop the talents and capabilities of all students – (physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, creative and expressive) as well as developing self-confidence and self-esteem.
Sydney Girls High School offers a broad range of Drama opportunities in both an elective and co-curricular program. These include workshops and productions, camps and festivals, performance and technical ensembles.

The Junior Drama Ensemble usually runs TWO mornings each week in Campbell Hall. It consists of Year 7 and 8 students. Students learn about and experiment with different forms of Drama, from improvisation to clowning and physical performance. Most years the girls might present at a mini showcase during lunchtime or even a Junior Drama celebration Showcase one evening in December. They also focus on a presentation for the Open Night in September. The students have had opportunities to perform at festivals outside school as well as auditioning for Pyramid, an engaging TV show on channel 9.

DramaThe year 8 cohort is introduced to DRAMA SKILLS throughout the year one period per week. This is a chance to prepare skills for drama day but also to aid them as well-rounded and confident individuals, stretching them in new ways as presenters and collaborators!! This certainly addresses the need in subjects such as English that now have assessment methods other than the typical written exam. Often this can be an oral presentation, talk or group presentation. I work on such areas to give the girls confidence vocally and physically. Students experiment with voice, improvisation, playbuilding and scripted plays. As they are in English class groupings this culminates in an assessable ‘Drama Day’ performance in Term 4.

Theatresports since 2005

This is becoming such a popular experience. Our first teams entered were yr 9s and runners up in 2005. The next year they not only made the grand final but won overall school champions. Theatresports has since opened the event with intermediate and senior categories. In the future there may even be a long-form Impro comp similar in design to the “Improv Games” out of Canada. Two former students have spent time in a squad training up and touring Canada – we would keenly invite them back in a mentoring role!

Training begins as weekly workshops. We have had a range of terrific improvisers and theatresports teachers to train the after school squad!! They have included a long block with old girl Monique Dykstra, the Impro Australia Artistic Director Jon Williams, Cale Bain and to date the one that is sticking to our timetable is Steen Raskopoulos. This has been a great opportunity for training to first of all represent at the in-school playoffs and then from whence we select a team (2 teams – intermediate and senior divisions) for the inter-schools Theatresports Competition.


All the heats are really exciting and energetic, as well as our school practices, where the time spent either in hyper-mode or in laughter were worth the fees for tutors paid. After performing against schools far and wide and some spectacular ‘playing’ both the intermediate and senior teams often make the grand final at the Enmore Theatre each year.

Shakespeare Festival

We start the year with the annual Shakespeare Festival. The official group has re-formed as The Shakespeare Centre ( and there will once again be a State level of the festival held at the Seymour Centre.


Official Competition – Duologue / Scene / Solo / Mash-up / Movement-Dance / Music Composition / Set Design / Costume Design / Photography

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Although the official festival once held by the North Sydney Council at the Ensemble theatre has disbanded, we offer our very own here at SGHS – the 7-10 Directors’ Projects of ten minute plays! After playwrights process (outside tutors - Hillary Bell - Old Girl) and the Designers produce (guest tutors as well). Year 7 are cast and the talent is tremendous – rehearsals out of school hours!

SGHS Technical Company & Stage Crew

The SGHS Stage Crew works throughout the school all year for multiple events; backstage, movers and shakers – sound and lights! Well done. You can tell a crew girl by her CREW-shirt – worn with pride! The girls train and are exposed to theatre production and backstage skills, contributing to whole school events and all CAPA events as well as assemblies and formal graduations. We have training days and workshops to learn the technical operations of lighting and sound equipment. This is a key part of the school recognition program.

Senior production

This is usually the senior class but can have open years if a class does not run – open for audition yrs 9 – 11.

ELECTIVE DRAMA – Years 9 - 12