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Social Justice

AmnestyAmnesty International is a Human Rights organisation that seeks to promote the values stated in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

We meet every week on Thursday lunchtime and write for Urgent Actions and for a variety of Campaigns. We send over 600 letters every year. Our group are experts in making banners or cards that are eye catching because of their message and presentation. We also use petitions, burn candles and incense, beat drums and put up awareness posters around the school for different campaigns.

A few of us went to the Opera House, with a banner we had made, to support Aung Sun Suu Kyi in her fight to free Burma. We also made huge banners we sent to Amnesty to be used in the Three Freedoms Campaign for Burma. We sent numerous cards and banners to protest at the pollution of the Niger Delta by Shell Oil. We collected hundreds of signatures for women who suffer violence in Papua New Guinea. We have also campaigned for Refugees, especially for the rights of the children of Boat People. In Refugee Week we hung a huge banner along the side of the school which was noticed by a large number of passing motorists and bus passengers.

The best outcome for us is that many of the prisoners we have written for have been released or had their conditions changed.

If you want to work for Human Rights, come along and join us!