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Student Leadership

Leadership Program

public speakingThe aim of the SGHS Awards Scheme is to recognise and encourage student participation in a range of activities associated with the school.  It is an attainable award, where with effort, students will receive credit for their overall involvement in school activities.

There are four categories of award: bronze, silver, gold and school medal. A student who achieves two bronze awards is eligible to seek a silver award. A student who receives a silver award is then eligible to seek a gold award.  Students will receive a certificate and a badge to recognise their achievements.
A student, who enrols in Year 11, enters the scheme at the gold level.

It is not possible to qualify for more than one award per annum.  An award is not cumulative beyond a single calendar year except in special circumstances, such as prolonged illness or girls who join the school after Year 7.

The scheme is essentially administered by students.   It is their responsibility to check their eligibility and to lodge an application form with the Student Leadership Coordinator. A sheet will be distributed so that records may be kept and a teacher or supervisor’s signature will be needed to confirm the achievement.

To gain an award a student will need to show in one calendar year, eligibility in five of the categories, the first two being compulsory. The award criteria are listed separately and have been emailed to each student.

Award Criteria

Within one calendar year, students must: Qualify in categories 1 and 2 AND qualify in any 3 of the other categories ie categories 3-8

Categories of Recognition

Student Leadership1. Academic Achievement – Compulsory Activity

2. Carnivals - Compulsory Activity

NB.  Only in exceptional circumstances may this requirement be waived by the Deputy Principal.

3. Sport (Representative)

Drama4. Performances (Representative)

A student will need to have been selected for and participated satisfactorily in a Regional, State or National performing group arising out of membership of the school e.g. NSW State Drama/Dance, Debating, Music, Tournament of Minds, or gained a place in the Latin Reading Competitions or Japanese Speech Contest.

5. School Activities – Elected/Nominated Positions
A student needs to have taken an active part in ONEof the following:

robogals6. School Activities – School Based

A student needs to have participated satisfactorily in ONE of the following:

7. School Activities – Enrichment/Extension

A student needs to have met TWO of the following criteria:

NB.  Students with 2 distinctions do not need any other activity in this category

8. School and Community Service

A student will need to have met ONE of the following criteria: