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TOMTeaching and Learning


Students at computerThe school curriculum is delivered over a two week cycle. There are 4 periods per day with each lesson usually 80 minutes in duration.

School begins at 8.55am and finishes at 3.20pm.


Year 7
Students study a wide range of subjects to introduce them to secondary education and provide a basis for later choices for future education. All students in Year 7 undertake the following courses each week for the number of periods indicated:

English 5 periods
Mathematics 5 periods
Science   6 periods
Geography 4 periods
Languages 2 periods of 2 languages (French, Japanese, Latin or Chinese)
Technology 4 periods
Music  2 periods
Visual Arts 2 periods
PD/H/PE 4 periods
Sport  2 periods
Assembly 2 half periods
Special Religious Education 2 half periods (optional)

Year 8

Similar pattern as Year 7 except:

English 5 periods + 1 period of Drama
Mathematics 6 periods
Science 5 periods
PD/H/PE  3 periods
History 4 periods
Languages 4 periods of 1 language (with the option of studying a second  language off-timetable)


Year 9
As well as the core subjects, students study 3 electives. The pattern of study is:

English  6 periods
Mathematics 6 periods
Science   5 periods
Australian Geography 5 periods
PD/H/PE 3 periods
Sport  2 periods
Assembly 2 half periods

Students choose 3 electives from the following list:

Commerce  History
Geography  Textiles Technology
Food Technology Multimedia
Music Visual Arts
Drama Chinese
French Latin
Japanese Information Processes and Technology (stage 6 course)

Year 10
Students follow a similar pattern of study as Year 9 except:

English  6 periods
Mathematics 5 periods
Australian History 5 periods
Science   6 periods


Students complete the Year 11 Course and the HSC Course.

Year 11
Students must study a minimum of 12 units for the Year 11 Course.
English is compulsory and all students study English Advanced and English Extension.
Courses on offer are:

Mathematics Mathematics Extension 1
Chemistry  Physics
Biology Engineering Studies
Textiles & Design Food Technology
Ancient History Modern History
Economics  Legal Studies
French Japanese
Latin Chinese
Music (Course 1&2) Visual Arts
Drama Geography
Visual Design (1 unit)  

Year 12
Students must study a minimum of 10 units for the Year 12 Course.
As well as the subjects available in Year 11, students may choose the following extension courses:

English Extension 2 Mathematics Extension 2
History Extension Music Extension
French Extension Japanese Extension
Latin Extension Science Extension